Introducing Paper Notes

The first question is, why this blog? We need a sharp focus on issues faced in the clinic as it has become complicated with information overload.

I was researching for submission and had a hard look at the information workflow. It is not perfect, but it is efficient. I realised that there could be a dedicated space to share my academic notes as well. I will be sharing my comments on published papers or books (which I am reading).

The focus will be on issues that I find exciting or meaningful. I also intend this place to have a regular commentary.

This blog post isn’t meant to be static- I will revisit it later once the fog of jumbled ideas is lifted and I can clean up my workflows. I will also attempt to introduce interesting software to people who are new to this. I love to experiment with technology and usually consider myself to be an early adopter. I will be publishing posts on the software I use (hint: it is on Mac) and how to best adapt them in your workflow.

Please expect the blog to go through multiple iterations/code changes below the hood and experimentation with the themes.

Stay tuned for updates.

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