Quick Notes

The theme for the blog has been made easier to read it in the dark mode (I use it extensively). It is much easier on the eyes. Luckily my Ulysses app picked up my previous extensive blog posts- so it was easier to repost them. I had not explored the long form earlier blog but … Continue reading Quick Notes

Medical Education in India

I got a chance to write for ET Prime on the need for more hospitals in India. While we are grappling with the low doctor-population ratio, opening up the new hospitals isn’t going to help solve the problem unless there is a structural reform in the education system. The link appears here: https://prime.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/71193575/pharma-and-healthcare/india-needs-an-overhaul-of-medical-education-new-colleges-alone-wont-ensure-quality-healthcare- (Apologies- it … Continue reading Medical Education in India

Achieving the digital detox.

Over the past few months, during my interaction with various people on Twitter and offline, I have been hearing about the information deluge that makes it impossible for them to acquire new skills. We indeed have limited 24 hours! I wouldn’t be able to give a blow by blow account of how I manage things, … Continue reading Achieving the digital detox.